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This repository contains modules for the WiFi Pineapple Mark 7. All the community developed modules are here, and developers should create pull requests for any changes to modules, and to submit new modules.
## Contributing
Once you have developed your module idea, you are encouraged to contribute to this repository by submitting a Pull Request with your module!
Reviewed and Approved pull requests will add your module to the WiFi Pineapple's module download site, where they will be able to be downloaded directly from the WiFi Pineapple management interface.
## Documentation
* [WiFi Pineapple Mark 7 Module Development Guide](
* [WiFi Pineapple Mark 7 REST API](
* [WiFi Pineapple Mark 7 TypeScript API](
* [Contributing to the WiFi Pineapple Mark 7 Modules Repository](
Documentation for developing WiFi Pineapple modules can be found on the [developer docs]( website. It includes an
[introductory guide](